Why True North Drone Services?

 When you’re looking into developing or selling real estate, performing building inspections, or executing other services that deal with large amounts of land, one of the most important aspects of the process will be taking stock of the area in question. On foot, this can be a very tall order, especially for people with smaller businesses. Walking throughout the entire property and taking individual photos or making your way to a proper vantage point to get a professional photo can be incredibly difficult. Fortunately, Orlando has another option thanks to True North: our commercial drone inspection services. Our Drones, flown by our FAA Part 107 licensed and insured expert Drone Pilots, will complete hours’ worth of work in just a fraction of the time, safely and efficiently.

So, how do you get involved with True North Drone Services?

Let us run you through the process.

The first step to taking advantage of our commercial drone inspection services will be to get in contact with our expert team at True North Drone Services. You can do that via the contact section located at the bottom of our home page. After you’ve done so, we’ll need to set up a free half hour call to discuss your project so that we can give you a proper estimate of the cost required to perform our drone photography services. Once we’ve established a time that works for both parties, we’ll take stock of the situation and the work required, using this info to calculate an estimate. We provide these services for all kinds of work, from drone building inspections to construction progress images and everything in between.

Once both parties agree to the estimated fee, we’ll get to work, bringing out the drone and working with you to prioritize the aspects of our drone property inspection service that you feel are the most important. Once the job is complete, we’ll share the results with you, making sure the photos and measurements in question are what you’re looking for. After completing any requested edits, we’ll send you the images you need and wrap up our work.


Get in touch with True North Drone Services today to take advantage of our Orlando-based commercial drone inspection services.